Water Damage Prevention Tips
Is your basement protected from unwanted water?

It’s impossible to prevent all water emergencies, but there are a few tips you can implement to reduce your risk of having a devastating event.

Water Damage Prevention Tips:

  • Have a battery operated BACK UP sump-pump. Many newer models have alarms on the pump and will sound when there is a problem
  • Talk to your insurance agent to ensure you have enough coverage. Many of our clients don't have proper coverage or even know what that coverage means. Many Northwest Ohio regions have low lying areas that are susceptible to repetitive floods/leaks.

  • Finished basements have more areas of possible damage, thus, the cost to repair/replace those building materials will increase. Make sure you have proper insurance coverage. Too ofthen our customers do not have enough insurance to cover all damage and are forced with the difficult decision on partial replacements or finding other funding.
  • Place any sentimental items off the floor or in another part of the house. If it's an heirloom item and can't be replaced, it's best to locate those items to another part of the house.
  • Store items in plastic air tight containers 6-12 inches off the floor.
  • Have your basement waterproofed by a professional, or at least inspected.
  • Have a dehumidifier continuously running in your basement, set between 40-45% relative humidity for optimal comfort.